Nutrition Mission Transformations

Nutrition Mission has been  changing lives since 2005. I have seen so many incredible transformations happen, and witnessed the effects it has on people. Smiles get bigger, confidence like never before, and a weight lifted of people’s shoulders. Nutrition Mission isn’t just about weight loss, this is just an added bonus. Nutrition Mission is about changing lives, and how you see yourself. These transformation pictures don’t just show weight loss, they show happiness and a sense of accomplishment. 

I would highly recommend Tiff. I recently completed the Sxefit in 6 diet and feel fab! Manage to loose 6ib in weight but also educate myself on food and the right things to eat. I actually feel as though I eat more now than I did before I started. Haven’t been hungry once. Anyone that wants to feel healthier and loose a few ibs at the same time needs to try this. Tiff was so helpful and approachable and makes you feel great. Thanks Tiff! 😊
January, 2019
I've been going to SXE Fit for just over 5 years and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight, gain confidence, meet freindly new people and have fun. I've been to gyms before but after a while, I would fall out of love with them. Sxe Fit has become not only a place to work out but a place to see people and socialise. The women who go are lovely. No cliques, everyone is made to feel welcome. There's a wide variety of classes to choose from, something for everyone. Tiff is very experienced and personifies what you need in an instructor- knowledgeable, welcoming, encouraging, smiley, strong, extremely fit and wants you to challenge yourself and love the skin you're in. She sees the best in us all and will tell you that you can do it- even when you're struggling and feel you can't. I'm 48 now, I've lost over 1 1/2 stones, I'm a massive pole fan, I've gained more confidence in myself, I happily wear lycra leggings for the first time 😆 I love the workouts, the dance routines, the laughter and spending time with supportive, like minded people. So, If you are looking for a gym, do yourself a favour, come and join us at this one xxx
October, 2021
What Tiff has created is unbelievable. A place where women can educate themselves and get fit, all whilst supporting and encouraging each other. Tiff goes out of her way to make each and every member feel welcome and her methods explain themselves. Results are proven time and time again and she shows a genuine interest in your progress. Professional, enjoyable and reassuring.. an amazing and positive environment for all women. Well done Tiff!! I highly recommend. Make sure you visit!!
September, 2020
Where do I start this place is just amazing and Tiff is just fabulous. She is so experienced in the field of fitness and nutrition and can bring out the best in us ladies. Her methods get results, empower women and improve confidence. The classes are fun and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Fitness is definitely made fun and interesting at Sxe Fit studios. During the lockdown I’ve subscribed to the online membership; there is a great variety of classes, it is easy to follow and do at home and has kept me on top of my fitness. This place is simply first class and that is a testament to who Tiffiny is and the passion she has for empowering women. Thanks Tiff for helping me enjoy fitness again, love the Sxe Fit method and of course you my Girl.
December, 2020
Tiffany is amazing, so passionate, so enthusiastic, talented, knowledgeable, motivating and what’s more she really really cares about helping women to feel good about themselves. Her classes are so much fun and there’s always such a good atmosphere, it makes working out actually enjoyable! I wish I lived closer because I would be going to every single class she has. Tiffany is super fit but don’t let that intimidate you or think that you have to be super fit to attend too, her classes are aimed at everyone from complete beginners to, as she calls them, machines! I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get fitter, improve their shape or even just improve their self confidence.
July, 2020