How did the Nutrition Mission start?

I qualified in personal training and nutritional diploma in 2004.

This is where I really initiated a keen interest in Nutrition this is around the time I really realised the importance of foods and their properties and what they could do for the body and the mind!

I was brought up surrounded by diets ….

The south beach diet, the Rosemary Connelly diet, the Cindy Crawford diet, british heart foundation diet.


I always tried to eat healthy throughout my years so I thought, I ate fruit and veg as much as I could and was limited to actually having the know how as there’s so much contradicting information!

It astounds me the lack of education on what we really should be eating especially with all the advances, knowledge and science we have today.


This is where I fell into my diet I had experienced a family member who unfortunately was diagnosed with diabetes 1 and this is where I believed it was time to make a change I designed this diet because of the concerns and lack of information given and to someone who is now diagnosed with a life condition so I began my extensive research.


I began following the diet myself as I was doing most of the shopping and cooking and its officially why I’ve not ever been over a size 10 in 15 years even when pregnant no change to my size I have complete control over Food Drink and choices I can leave a chocolate bar in the fridge a whole week and not touch 1 square or even be tempted because this it goes deeper than following a diet you need to have a full understanding of WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS FIRST ???


I was blown away with my diet and its results I couldn’t believe I was losing weight but eating more than i’d ever and more to the point for the first time in my life I wasn’t stressing about what I weighed I hardly ever use scales they’re a big no no for me why have something with just a NUMBER dictate how you should feel after all what does that number even represent ? what does it mean? How much of that number is bone, brain, boobs balls ???


Everyday we take full advantage of our bodies allowing high doses of sugars then low doses by starvation because there’s no education for the nation !!!


Having been on my diet for the past 16 years I’ve never had to starve or do any diet or change anything other what I fancy to eat i’ve done nothing extreme in order to lose sculpture and maintain my body I also allow myself 2 days off from the method meaning,

I can have what I want

But most importantly I’ve kept a good mind and in the last 20 years we have seen a massive rise in mental health and Research and evidence shows that how you fuel your engine has a lot to do with it.

If you subject your body to a life of eating what you want what you like and not actually taking into consideration for what your body needs then it’s obvious to me what the outcome will be.

are you ready to join?