How would you like to make 2022 the year where you finally learn how to be healthy, not constantly thinking about what you can and cannot do, where you dread having to think of an excuse not to go out, because it will not fit into your plan? If this is you then please read on to learn more about Nutrition Mission.

Nutrition Mission


Have you ever felt trapped in your own body?

Have you ever suffered at the hands of your own mind?

Sick of not seeing results?

Tired of not maintaining the results?

Sick to death of contradictory information and being promised the world by silly fad diets?

Nutrition Mission is a revolutionary, educational diet that will end all dieting. That is my promise. My second promise is that it will not only change your body but it will change your life.

You now have to decide if this is your time. I need you to ask yourself the questions above, and if you answered yes to all, let’s start your nutrition mission journey today.


For just £25 per month, you have access to our fitness program that is guaranteed to change your LIFE not just your BODY!



I am offering you a lifetime free of dieting. Repeat after me, yes, a lifetime free of dieting! A mindset like you’ve never had before. Because with Nutrition Mission you will become educated for the first time which will give you confidence in your choices. Which in turn will give you power, because knowledge is power.

Nutrition Mission is like nothing you’ve ever followed. Firstly, I do not tell you what you can and cannot eat. I do not take anything from you. I educate you in why we need to eat, how we need to eat and what happens when we eat. Secondly there is no weekly class to attend, which is good news, especially if you work full time. Instead, you will get weekly support from me or any of the dream team, where you can ask us anything.

  • You will also have access to a private Facebook page where you can ask questions, post pictures, get tips, advice, and new ideas, knowing that there is NO negativity.
  • A full Nutrition Mission guide with step by step instruction and understanding
  • Sxefit recipes which all are easy, quick but taste delicious!
  • A Nutrition Mission Journal to write down your progress weekly and keep track of your journey.

Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany Clark Founder and CEO of Award Winning Sxefit Ltd and Sxefit Studios​.

​Tiffany is a highly respected and inspirational personal trainer, dancer and nutritionist in the health and fitness industry with the ability, skills and talent to give any woman the confidence to make a real-life change and difference ​with over 20 years experience, research and evidence Tiffany’s methods and ethos proves you can have everything​.

​Tiffany is a veteran to life who built her whole business from a decision to help make a difference to all women, especially women who are survivors, who haven’t had it easy like her but also to help to give power for healthy bodies minds and confidence.​


are you ready to join?

Enjoy delicious meals, lose weight and get healthy


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